Embedded IOT Solutions

  • Temperature/Humidity/G Sensors
  • Ultra low-power communication protocol
  • Operating at Sub-GHz ISM band
  • Multi-tag function up to thousands
  • Significantly lower infrastructure cost
  • Years of battery life by 2pcs of CR2450
  • 24/7 realtime monitor of each i Smart tag
  • Web-based sensor data and realtime notification
  • Sensor data available via mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Send alarm notification by call, SMS or e-mail
  • Download graphs or data-logs via the web platform anytime

Technology changes the world: everything is getting connected to the internet. M2M (Machine-to-Machine) technology helps our life smarter, easier and more convenient. SANAV works closely with our customer to understand your unique business processes and business drivers to determine how an M2M solution can transform your business. Please consult with us about your needs.