Unictron (formerly SANAV) provides premiere end-to-end services for the wireless communications industry, specifically focusing on Location-Based Solutions and High-Precision Positioning applications. Since 1995, Unictron has designed, manufactured & distributed antennas, trackers & receivers to clients in the wireless communication sector.

With over 25 years of technical research, product development & international involvement, Unictron has built its industry reputation on product expertise & best-in-class customer service. We provide a range of external, embedded, and base station antenna solutions for applications such as navigation and tracking, telematics, smart metering, precision agriculture, industrial automation, remote monitoring, marine navigation, and UAV applications.

We also offer custom designed antennas to suit individual needs as well as off-the-shelf solutions. Our product portfolio consists of smart antenna receivers, permanent mount antennas, wide-band 4G flexible antennas, and screw mount GPS antennas. We have over 13 years experience in GNSS/RF integration, and continue to deliver custom M2M and RF solutions & ODM/OEM services to our clients.

Unictron has had the pleasure of serving prominent, international clients in over 100 countries spanning the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the broader APAC region. Unictron continues to attract world-class clients who partner with us to create product innovations for many wireless communication applications from IoT devices used in smart cities, smart fleet management & remote tracking to high-precision farming & marine navigation.

Our clients continue to trust our product expertise, and delight in using Unictron’s GNSS and RF products including high-performance antennas, antenna modules, trackers, and receivers tailored to specific use cases. Our clients value our quick-turnaround, high quality, design-in services and system integration capabilities.

Hear what some customers are saying about Unictron (formerly SANAV):

“We’ve been using SANAV products for over a decade… Your products & customer service are delightful!”

– Sincron [Italy]

“We initially decided to proceed in doing business with SANAV because of the lead-time and competitive pricing… but our relationship ultimately thrived because of the amazing customer service, wide range of products offered and the ability to meet our customers’ expectations.”

– Qwiksource [US]
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