5G Communication

5G Communication

With the development of wireless technology, synchronization is becoming more and more important. From the beginning, we only required frequency synchronization, but now we require a more precise time. This is a trend. If this strict synchronization cannot be guaranteed, it may have a great impact on industrial applications, such as the Internet of Vehicles and intelligent driving. Relying solely on GPS has potential security risks. At the same time, in response to the 5G ultra-high-precision time synchronization requirements, when the satellite fails, can the punctual performance of the base station be maintained at a certain level?

5G Communication

Why unictron ?

Time synchronization happens between devices over very short distances to secure a high level of accuracy, but accuracy becomes harder to maintain at longer distances. The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is by far the most widely used protocol for the dissemination of time on computer networks. An NTP server is directly connected to a highly accurate timekeeping source, like the GPS satellite network, and receives time information from the GPS satellites, uses algorithms to process the information, then broadcasts it to all devices on the network that is requesting time information. This can synchronize clocks and other local network devices with nearly millisecond accuracy, which suits most business and industrial needs for a time serving accuracy, but if greater than millisecond synchronization accuracy is required, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) may be a better alternative. Unictron offers the following time sync products which both provide up to 1 PPS (30ns RMS) accuracy in real-life conditions. With different communication technologies, time sync has different requirements. Note that with the current 5G communication technology, the time sync specification has not yet been finalized, but it could be 5ns.


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