Flood detection

Floods can cause a lot of damage not only environment, but also finance, it depends on the cause of the flood.

Damage to a house and other types of building is also prominent and can multiple problems in terms of costs to repair. Moreover, flooding destroys plants and other aspects of the environment when floods hit harshly, such as natural disasters.

In conclusion, an early warning of rising water levels can give you precious time to take action!


How do flood detection work?

Flood detector is installed on the riverside and uses sensor to detect water level. Once river level reach alarm level, antenna will be triggered and send alarm message automatically to the main system.

The most common frequency for flood detector is cellular and ISM band.


Why Unictron?

We have more than 25 years design and manufacturing experiences of antennas. With those experiences and our strong team supporting, we believe that we can satisfy your requirement.

In order to stand outdoor environment, our antenna was designed IPX7 full waterproof and cable detachable for easier installation. Our featured products are as follows:

  • EEH-201 (WiFi 2.4/5.8GHz)
  • EEH-L01 (4G LTE/5G NR)
  • EEH-915 (ISM 915MHz)

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