Gas Detection

In terms of individual and plant security, reliable devices are necessary. Gas detection saves lives. With appropriate actions taken, the use of a gas detection system can help prevent an explosion or worker injury or the exposure to toxic gases. Accordingly, the detection system includes the automatic shutoff of gas valves, turning on a ventilation fan, and so on.

How does antenna work for gas detection?

In the detection system, connected with detector/sensor, the antenna does not utilize the signal only to transmit and receive real-time data and status, but to detect the presence of gas and the location. Accordingly, the antenna could enable continuous, instant visibility of safety threats for faster, more informed decisions, to protect workers, facilities, environment and to optimize operations.

Why Unictron?

Consequently, each component’s quality has to be updated for the adverse environment. Unictron not only has its own R&D team to keep developing the latest robust material and technology, but has its own complete quality control system to oversee the whole production chain.

Featured product:

ISM: TA-S10B-A-S901,  EEH-915

GSM: FP-C08-01, GEPH-025, EEN-404

GPS Only

LTE Only

Combo antenna for GPS +LTE

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