GNSS receiver in fishing vessels

GNSS receiver in fishing vessels

It often takes more than one month for fishing vessels to sail out of a mission. The high waterproof level and good accuracy antenna ensure the smooth operation of satellite positioning and timely acquisition of location information to ensure the safety of navigation.

Why Unictron

With fast start-up and reacquisition times, integration of a high-performance GNSS receiver, and an active GNSS antenna in a very compact/weatherproof enclosure, it can be powered through various sources, making the Unictron GNSS receiver ideal for a variety of applications and compatible with almost any interface. Unicron GNSS receiver comes standard as an L1 GPS with an SBAS correction signal. Users can upgrade the Unictron GNSS receiver in any way possible with the application.

GPS accuracy (Position accuracy) is mainly defined by the test results of the GPS itself under open sky (CEP, 50%, 24 hours static, -130 dBm,> 6 SVs) conditions.

Unictron’s receiver achieves position accuracy within 6.1 meters
Unictron’s receiver achieves position accuracy

Feature products:

GNSS Receiver : VP-302 , VP-200UT, GR-422U, GM-48W, GR-43W, GR-36W, FV-Q8 GM-5G, GM-11B, GM-21B

GNSS antenna: EG-16W, EG-24W, GA-88P, TA-200, RV-76G

Chip antenna

Patch antenna


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