Personal/ Asset Tracking

Personal Asset Tracking

We aim to design and provide a highly secure system to track personal belongings or assets. The tracking system is mainly composed of a mobile transmitting module and a receiving module carried by people. Personal objects (such as passports, mobile phones, laptops, and portable devices) are connected to the sending module, and the receiving module is used to track and fix different objects. The sending module is composed of an encoding circuit and a wireless sending circuit. The receiving module is composed of receiving, decoding, and alarm circuits. In addition, the personal asset tracking system can identify items and lost time, providing users with the greatest degree of protection.


Why unictron:

Antennas for tracking, navigation & remote monitoring come in many shapes & sizes. Unictron offers omnidirectional antennas for reliable wide-area coverage which is popular for applications using the LoRa network, such as cellular 4G antennas with high efficiency & gain, or terminal antennas with cellular, GPS, ISM, and WiFi coverage. We also offer high-data bandwidth, remote monitoring trackers, with HAB (home units with the ability to readjust RF power according to signal reception needs).


Feature Products:

  • MU-201 Series (GPS/3G Pets/Asset Tracker)

Support 3G UMTS/HSPA for worldwide operation & GSM/(E)GPRS.

Low power consumption and Smart power management, can be connected to external DC power or battery.

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