Precision Farming

Precision Farming

Unictron has developed high accuracy solutions for our precision agriculture clients that provide agribusinesses, professional farmers and agricultural contractors with innovative technology that is user-friendly & boosts productivity throughout the entire farming life-cycle. By empowering farmers with the ability to work the field in a more precise & targeted way, Unictron’s precision agriculture clients can create innovative products & solutions that help farmers make better decisions concerning pesticides, seeding, irrigation, crop monitoring, time and resource allocation.

Precision agriculture has enabled farms to continue to improve crop yields and at the same time minimize the application of fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides. This also minimizes the effect on the environment and improves profit. To achieve centimeter-level accuracy, Unictron’s GNSS antennas have a precise phase center offset and low phase center variation. L-band correction services are also often required to provide centimeter-level positioning that enables innovative farm practices such as systematically offsetting the planting rows from year to year to enable planting in more nutrient rich soil.

By leveraging precision technology, Unictron has enabled leading agribusinesses and farmers to change the way they view their land and its latent potential. Our clients have been able to leverage new innovations that integrate data collection sensors, GPS/GNSS-based positioning and RTK GPS-based tools that are more cost-effective, user friendly, and helpful for farm planning applications such as field & yield mapping, soil sampling, tractor guidance, crop scouting, and variable rate applications, just to name a few.


Why Unictron?

Unictron’s multi-constellation and multi-frequency technology is necessary to provide the accuracy required by precision farming, IoT applications for autonomous navigation, remote monitoring, gateways & routers, and PPP-RTK. We offer 4G/5g gateway beam-forming antennas to extend coverage & improve link quality in rural areas where farms tend to operate. Unictron also offers high-rejection GNSS antennas and timing solutions such as EG 17BW-  EG 20W for fleet management. Our GPS/ GNSS and LTE antennas come in customizable mounting methods (such as magnetic or screwing mounting) to suit client preferences to build innovative connected rain gauges, anemometers, line makers, leaf wetness sensors, and tractor sensors.

Some of our most popular products for precision agriculture include:

  • Tightly-coupled GNSS+Inertial Navigation System (INS) technology
  • MIMO Antennas for wireless farming applications
  • Our multi-constellation active antennas (EG 17BW-  EG 20W) in IP67 environmental-resistance housing offers indoor and outdoor flexibility
  • L1, L2, L5
  • RTK & PPP


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