Public safety & security

Security & public safety play critical roles in facilitating adequate response to emergencies, crime, and catastrophic disasters. Industries such as law enforcement, fire & rescue, disaster relief, and public health departments all rely on responsive radio communications to manage crises with the goal of reducing impact and injury to individuals and assets. Reliable wireless communication capabilities are required in difficult environments where critical infrastructures are often degraded or destroyed either in natural disasters or other unplanned events that cause large-scale panic in the civilian population.

Unictron has supplied clients in government and law enforcement GPS trackers and electronic tracking devices to increase compliance with conditions linked to community health & safety. The two dominant forms of tracking devices use GPS and RF technology. GPS systems can continuously track users in real-time, identifying their movements and whereabouts by transmitting location information to monitoring centers and triangulating signals from satellites and cellular towers. RF devices monitor users’ presence in or absence from a fixed location. They are most commonly used to supervise those in confinement through remote monitoring. RF systems consist of battery-powered transmitters, typically worn around ankles or wrists, and home-based receivers that can verify whether users are located within a certain distance and alert monitoring centers of violations.


Why Unictron?

Unictron offers GNSS solutions such as active patch antennas to prevent out of band noise with the use of an LNA. This antenna boasts a very tight Phase Centre Offset(PSO) at just ±2cm at the L1 Band and ±5cm at the L2 band.

Our external WiFi antenna is another popular choice for Safety & Security applications–  an omnidirectional, low-profile dipole antenna using an adhesive mount, dual-band WiFi, in IP65 rated housing.

Unictron’s current customers using our trackers have found success implementing our tracking technology in Wide-Area Tracking environments and Local-Area or Indoor Tracking environments. We currently feature products for the following tracking applications:

  • NB5 trackers (offender tracker, elderly tracker, COVID 19 monitoring)- Powerful combo tracker with geofencing capabilities in weatherproof, durable, IP68 housing (GPS/ 2G/3G/ sub GHz, IP68 durability, stable signal reception technology, combined GPS & RF tracker, ISM 434 MHz)
  • Our ultra high GPS/GSM sensitivity trackers enable you to track even if it has been placed in a hidden position.
  • MU-201S2 & GS-819 for police & emergency fleet tracking
  • MT series
  • TA 18

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