Radio Broadcast

Radio Broadcast

Time synchronization is the key to a successful application anywhere. The need for time synchronization in radio broadcasting, telecommunications, and test and measurement applications has a long history. Various formats of time code, frequency and phase signals can be integrated into various devices. Fortunately, through the use of global satellite time and the new network time protocol, network devices can now maintain synchronization time at the sub-microsecond level.


Why unictron:

Commercial GPS time server can easily pack the computer module and GPS timing receiver into one device. The GPS receiver provides a time stamp for the NTP service to accurately synchronize the internal clock. In order to achieve precise time synchronization, GPS receivers need a robust antenna system.

Unictron provides robust antennas and receivers suitable for time synchronization applications used in national broadcasts in various regions. There are many different antenna types available for synchronization applications. However, they are generally divided into two categories: GPS antennas or combined GPS antennas. The combined GPS antenna is usually enclosed in a weatherproof housing, but usually has a flying lead, which provides an RS232 serial connection.


Feature Products:

Pointed cone shape, weather resistant housing protects against environmental hazards. (i.e. snow, sandstorms, & lightning)

GPS L1, outdoor friendly, IP67 certified; pole mounted; proprietary antenna design provides the flexibility to reach a range of operational goals.

  • Accessories: Stainless Steel Stand/ Bulkhead Mount

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