Smart parking lot

Smart parking lot

Due to difficulty to find parking lots in densely populated areas. Searching for an available lot takes up time, increases carbon footprints.

To help citizens park easily, smart parking lots become essential nowadays. Instead of driving around and looking for parking lot, using smart parking lots system’s app is more economic. It shows real-time nearest vacant space on the map and guide drivers to there.


How do smart parking lots work?

Smart Parking uses sensing devices such as cameras, vehicle counting equipment, sensors and more to determine occupancy of the parking lot. More and more robust sensing systems are being built to analyze and transmit the real-time information to the database.

Internet of Things wireless sensors detect the vacant parking spaces and use LoRa, ZigBee or NB IOT to transmit the data to the gateway then upload to the cloud. User can get all these information from the app.


Why Unictron?

We have more than 25 years design and manufacturing experiences of antennas. With those experiences and our strong team supporting, we believe that we can satisfy your requirement.

Regarding using frequency and environment, terminal antenna can be the best solution. Following is our different size antennas:


  • TA-2B-A-W01 (Length:30mm)
  • EEN-101 (Length:57.4mm)
  • EEN-105 (Length:87.5mm)



  • TA-S10B-A-S801 (ISM 868MHz)
  • TA-S10B-A-S901 (ISM 915MHz)
  • TA-S10W-A-S01 (ISM 915MHz)

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