Smart school bus

Smart school bus

In our modern era with increasingly consumer logistics, real-time tracking of buses for safety, visibility and efficiency becomes key in streamlining operations.

Nowadays, monitoring real-time schedule of buses become more important and necessary. It’s not only for students, but also for parents. With smart school bus technology, parents can ensure their children’s safety on the way home or to school through app from smart phone.


How do smart school buses work?

GPS, cellular are essential requirement for smart bus; some of them even require WiFi. GPS can provide current location of bus and then cellular will upload this real-time information to the school bus system which students and parents can review from app on smart phone.

Besides, while student take wrong bus or doesn’t catch it, system will send alarm to notify driver. It can significantly reduce extra time and cost.


Why Unictron?

We have more than 25 years design and manufacturing experiences of antennas. With those experiences and our strong team supporting, we believe that we can satisfy your requirement.

According to requirement of different frequency, we have integrated cellular, WiFi and GPS in one antenna. Furthermore, considering mounting on the bus roof top, it is waterproof and low profile designed.

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