Medical Tablet is designed for collecting, communicating, and recording patient information. It provides enhanced support for emergency medical members, and hospital staff who manage data. Data can be shared between other devices, including health insurance card information, respirators, and real-time transfer of patient information. Patient data can be transmitted over mobile network communications like RF technology, PDF, fax, or printout.

Why Unictron

With fast start-up and reacquisition times, integration of a high-performance GNSS receiver, and an active GNSS antenna in a very compact/weatherproof enclosure, it can be powered through various sources, making the Unictron GNSS receiver ideal for a variety of applications and compatible with almost any interface. Unicron GNSS receiver comes standard as an L1 GPS with an SBAS correction signal. Users can upgrade the Unictron GNSS receiver in any way possible with the application.

Feature products:

Receiver module : GM-12TA

Embedded antenna: FP-WE04 2.4/5.8G WiFi antenna

Terminal antenna: TA-5B LTE Terminal Antenna

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