TWS Bluetooth earphones

TWS Bluetooth earphones

TWS stand for True Wireless Stereo. TWS earphones are no wire connection between the left and right ears. Through wireless transmission technology, the two earphones can be connected to play music paired with mobile phone, and cable-free makes body move without restriction. TWS earphones have less wires and controllers between the two earphones, and the usable space is smaller. The environment for antenna design is more difficult than other wireless devices.

Why unictron

There are many types of wireless communication antennas, such as: monopole, meander line antenna, PIFA antenna (planar inverted-F antenna), coupling element antenna, chip antenna, etc. When the human body is close to the antenna, the medium of the human body is the electrical conductivity which is different from the free-space, and this will affect the characteristics of the antenna.

Using Unictron’s antenna is achieved lower VSWR and consistent performance which decrease the effect by the human body.

Feature products:

Chip antenna

FPCB antenna

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