Water metering

From reducing non-revenue water and managing an aging infrastructure to optimizing operations and ensuring a safe and steady water supply, how do water utilities overcome those challenges to make the right choices at the right timing?

How does antenna work for water metering?

Installed in the water metering system, the antenna builds the connection to the local or wide area networks and provides real-time data, which allows remote location monitoring and infrastructure maintenance through peak detection. Besides, the antenna enables the system to have all the access to distribution networks, automatic billing, and customer management.

Why Unictron?

To satisfy customers’ needs in different situations, we have a variety of GPS+LTE antenna to offer. From external one port antenna for GPS/LTE, combo antenna to the ones with low profile and waterproof. Meanwhile, it’s always flexible for Unictron’s R&D team to customize the antenna according to special needs.

Feature products

ISM: TA-S10B-A-S901, EEH-915

GSM: FP-C08-01, GEPH-025, EEN-404

GPS Only

LTE Only

Combo antenna for GPS +LTE

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