WiFi Router

A typical home has a range of internet-connected devices – personal computers, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, light control, door control and more. With a right WiFi router, you may be able to enjoy reliable internet service, help protect your family from cyber threats, and avoid those annoying WiFi dead spots.

However, are you like the many people still having trouble with their WiFi at home? Are those weak signals too weak to reach your room?


How does WiFi antenna work for WiFi router?  

The size of antenna determines a lot in terms of connectivity. A bigger antenna can boost WiFi range of signal and guarantee its reliability.

With different direction you point the external antennas, the antennas could help bump up the signal coverage while orienting them vertically. If it’s omni-directional antenna, it even could help radiate signals equally well in all directions.

Since high gain antenna transmits more power, increasing the strength of the signal it received, high-gain antennas can also make transmitted signal much stronger.


Why Unictron?

Unictron is experienced in OEM/ODM projects of GPS and RF products for 25 years so that wifi antennas are pretty complete based on its rotating degrees, high gain performance, different sizes and appearance. . With our own R&D team, we could also customize the antennas for any special requirements.

Feature products:

TA Series: TA-S8B-A-WE01




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