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GNSS satellite systems play a very important role in the lives of modern people and are also widely used. GNSS-based navigation is the basis of many tracking and navigation systems, which are used for different purposes and uses. In summary, the purpose of using navigation is to reach a destination point or identifying one’s own position on the map, and also locates the destination point where the transport is willing to go. Thanks to this technology that a driver gets turn by turn directions which allow the driver to have more choices in driving routes. On the other hand, the purpose of tracking is to identify something or someone else’s position to tell where the person or the thing is located. But unlike the navigation system, the information of the location goes to someone who wants to monitor the entity with the GPS receiver. In the past few decades, the number of people using GNSS receivers to locate people has increased dramatically. Such pedestrian navigation applications include mobile phone users, emergency personnel, crime surveillance, or even to health monitoring (for example in the case of COVID19).

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