GPS Antenna Module

Smallest GPS Antenna Module
Model : D-10

Physical Condition
Dimension 10mm (L) x 10mm (W) x 6.25mm (H)
Weight 2.6 +/- 0.5 grams
Environmental Conditions
Operation temperature -40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature -50°C to +95°C
Relative Humidity 10% to 95%
Electrical Specifications
Input voltage DC 2.8~3.3V
Power consumption 3.8mA @ 3.0VDC
Patch Antenna
Center Frequency 1575.42 +/-1.023 MHz
Bandwidth 5 MHz min.
Polarization RHCP
Peak Gain 0.0dBi @ Zenith
Amplifier Gain 17dB Typical
Noise Figure 1.5 dB Typical
Output Impedance 50 ohm
Output VSWR 2.0 Typical
Total Specifications(Through Antenna, LNA, Cable and Connector)
Frequency range 1575.42 +/- 1.023 MHz
Gain 16 dB
Output Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR 2.0 max.
Cable 5cm OD1.13
Connector IPEX
This specification is subject to change without prior notice...
Smallest GPS Antenna Module

D-10 is a most compact GPS antenna module in the market. It's specially designed for the portable device that needs GPS antenna embedded such as PND, laptop, mobile phone and so on. Also, D-10 is compatible with most GPS receives available on the market and provides a perfect alternative for the application of the GPS in different fields.

  • Ideally for embedded applications such as PDA, PND or laptop.
  • High temperature stability
  • High sensitivity
  • Low current consumption
  • AVL
  • Car Navigation
  • PDA, PND, Handheld GPS device
  • Security Surveillance
  • Vehicle tracking

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