LTE 4G Stick Antenna

704-960 / 1710-2690 MHz
Gain: 1.68 dBi (Peak Gain)
Model : EEN-L01


 Frequency range:

 704~960MHz; 1710~2690MHz


 1.68 dBi(Peak Gain)




 50 ohm


 SMA(P) swivel


 Ø9.4 × 27 (W) × 87.5/105(H) mm

 Operating Temperature:

 -30°C ~ +75°C

 Storage Temperature:

 -40°C ~ +80°C

The EEN-L01 is the LTE (Long Term Evolution) antenna, which is the latest standard in mobile networking technology, referred to as 3G/4G. It covers the LTE frequency ranges of 704-960/1710-2690 MHz providing omni-directional radiation with a gain of 1.68dBi. The EEN-L01 is specially designed for any telemetry applications, which utilize this band. The high sensitivity of EEN-L01 will enhance the performance of your telemetry devices.


  • LTE 4G Stick Antenna
  • Performance across the LTE frequency bands
  • 704-960/1710-2690 MHz
  • 1.68 dBi (Peak Gain)
  • SMA(P) connector


  • 4G Router, Hub or Access point
  • Small Base Station
  • Femto Cell
  • SOHO

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