Mini GPS Locator

GPS receiver 56mm(Dia) x 28mm(H)
Model : GM-44UB-FB

Specifications Parameter Description
Receiver architecture   16 parallel channels
Sensitivity Acquisition -130dbm
Tracking -138dbm
Acquisition Cold start 43sec. Typical
Warm start 36 sec. Typical
Hot start 9 sec. Typical
Primary Power   8~35 V
Power Consumption Acquisition 50~55mA (V=12V)
Tracking 41~61mA (V=12V)
Protocol   4800 bps (default)
Singal Level   RS232(Standard)
Nmea Message Default GGA、RMC、VTG、GSV、ZDA
Emi Filter   Rejects power line interference
Cable   LL112842 /28AWG ,3M
Enclosure   High impact,corrosion-proot polycarbanate resin
Operation Temperature   -30°C~ +75°C
Storage Temperature   -40°C ~ +85°C
Operating Humidity   0%~95% RH,non condensing
This specification is subject to change without prior notice...
Compact & Sensitive Marine GPS Receiver with u-blox powerful GPS chipset solution
GM-44UB-FB can be used in meeting GPS navigational needs or Precise Time source, with a range of applicable fields as follows:

  • Mobile Navigation
  • Marine GPS Chart Plotter
  • GPS-based Fleet Management
  • Avionics
  • Land Survey GPS data collection
  • AVL GPS data

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