Model : SA-200G


 Physical Condition


 Diameter:4.5”  High:2.9”


 245 g

 Environmental Conditions

 Operation temperature

 -30oC to +80oC

 Relative Humidity

 +40±2 oC,90~95%R.H

 Patch Antenna

 Satellite Frequency

 1575 MHz / 1607 MHz (CF:1595 MHz)

 Absolute Gain @ Zenith

 4 dBic typically

 Bandwidth@ Return Loss -10dB

 ≧ 50 MHz

 Gain @ 10° Elevation

 -5dBi typically

 Low Noise Amplifier

 LNA Gain

 30 dB typically

 Noise Figure

 1.5 max

 Supply Voltages

 3~5V DC

 Current Consumption

 5.9 mA typically

 Output VSWR

 2.0 max

 Cable and Connector

 Output Impedance

 50 ohm


 2.0 max.


 RG-58 (Length is suggested between 3~5M)


 TNC (antenna) to BNC of others at the terminal

The model SA-200G is a GPS/GLONASS dual-band antenna. It is an active design to operate at the frequency of GPS L1 1575.42 MHz and GLONASS L1 1602 MHz. The antenna is optimized  to receive right hand circularly polarized signals and have LNA designed in. The antenna can also be fixed by an optional mounting base.


  • High gain wide-band patch antenna
  • GPS/GLONASS bands
  • TNC Connector


  • AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location)
  • Car Navigation and Navigation Devices
  • Security Surveillance and Military & Security
  • NB,IPC,UMPC,PDA, PND, Handheld GPS device
  • Vehicle tracking /Fleet Tracking/Asset Tracking
  • Iridium Short Burst Data
  • Embedded Applications
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Law Enforcement
  • LBS & M2MApplication