Download free tracking server

Download free tracking server

Download free tracking server
Free download of tracking server (including 5 users)


With the Tracking Server you can track your vehicles in real time in a web browser using the maps of your choice.

The tracking platform has Extensive reporting capabilities help you analyze fleet behavior and collect key figures for business decisions.

The software include a powerful rule wizard that can be used to configure alerts for events such as SOS, vehicle theft, temperature alert, speeding, excessive idling, off hours vehicle usage and geofence violations.

Thirteen languages are included and new languages are easily added.

Developers can customize the user interface and integrate with external systems using the open APIs, protocols and data formats.


It can be used for 3 main areas:
1. Testing of your devices
2. Complete tracking solution free of charge for small companies (5 users).
3. Free Evaluation (not limited in time) of tracking solution for SIs, Companies with fleets and an IT department, software companies looking to extend their offering to include tracking.


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Download free tracking server here