Environmental Policy

San Jose Technology, INC.  is committed to protecting the environment of the Earth. To minimize environmental impacts, San Jose Technology, INC has been actively engaged in the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. By complying the requirements of ISO14001, San Jose Technology, INC will educate and motivate employees to carry out the responsibilities for the environmental protection. Connecting company profits with environmental protection, San Jose Technology, INC. will lead the company to a win-win strategy of sustainable operations management.

Policies as following:

  • Employee Involvement: Increase environmental awareness by ensuring employees to be committed to environmental issues.

  • Requirements Compliance: Fully comply the requirements of ISO 14001.

  • Continuous Improvement: Periodically review and improve environmental policies, goals, and targets. Also reduce the environmental impacts and improve overall eco-performance by dedicating to pollution prevention.

  • Recycling: Execute industrial waste reduction policy, recycle and reuse, and avoid using banned hazardous chemical substances.