Marine Electronics

AIS Buoy / Marin GPS Tracker

AIS Buoy Tracker Dimension:21 cm x 9.3 cm

Marine GPS Receiver

GPS receiver
u-bloxl chipset solution
NMEA 2000® certified

High-Accuracy GNSS Active Antenna

GNSS antenna 115mm(Dia) x 74mm (H)


80mm(Dia) x 71.24mm(Height with stem)

GPS Marine Antenna with Low Noise Amplifier

GPS antenna 4.5”(Dia) x 2.9”(H)

Iridium Antenna

Iridium antenna 4.5”(Dia) x 2.9”(H)

GPS Antenna for Marine & Stationary Application

GPS antenna 73mm(Dia) x 106mm(H)

Marine GPS Receiver

GPS receiver 80mm(Dia) x 25mm(H)

GPS Locator

GPS receiver 80mm(Dia) x 25mm(H)

Marine GPS Locator

GPS receiver 102.9mm(Dia) x 88.5mm(H)GPS receiver support 1PPS

GPS Antenna

GPS antenna 80mm(Dia) x 72mm (H)

Automatic Identification System

AIS Transmitter & Receiver 140mm (L) x131.4mm (W) x 46mm (H)