Hot COVID-19_Electronics Monitoring Applications.

As SANAV partners examine opportunities to help governments more effectively monitor the spread of the COVID-19 virus, SANAV hopes to better help these still-nascent innovations succeed. The main challenge for our partners is creatively pivoting product use & adjusting technology strategies to improve speed & accuracy of information deployment.

Some SANAV clients have used our offender trackers & smart fleet tracking products to integrate remote sensing with individual tracking to identify shifts in economic and social activity which could serve as an early indication of changing demand, and gain insights into the ongoing economic recovery in the APAC region indicated by observable travel reduction and traceable activities. Data can unearth the unexpected. We are proud of our clients who have worked hard to innovate with governments on providing spatial information to support decision-making around resource deployment, and created applications for COVID-19 prediction models using our real-time tracking products.

SANAV hopes to continue doing our small part in serving & growing with our world-class clients who are tirelessly innovating on the forefront of the wireless communications industry during this global pandemic.