New Product launch Premium Rear Seat Entertainment System_AV7900.

AV7900  uses the most advanced ideas and features providing state-of-the-art equipment with user-friendly interface, a brilliant addition to your much-loved vehicle. System includes two factory-match headrests with integrated 7.0” LCD Hi-Def displays, 50 video games, all-channel FM transmitter to play audio through the vehicles sound system, and each unit is designated as an independent system or easily share what they are viewing with the other one to keep you fully entertained throughout long journeys.



•  DISPLAY 7" High Definition Digital LCD Display.

•  GAMING 50 Built-in Video Games.

•  WIRELESS Wireless Remote Control - 2 Fold Flat Headphones.

•  SCREEN Adjustable Viewing Angles - Touch Screen.

•  MEDIA FM Transmitter - Media Sharing Between Displays.

•  COMPATIBILITY DVD, IDOC+(iPod, iPhone), USB, Micro SD & All Car Models.

•  AUXILIARY INPUT Play your PS3, Xbox, TV Tuner, etc.

•  SIMPLE INSTALLATION Easy & Fast Installation.

•  QUICK-CHANGE Six Unique “Quick-Change” Combinations to Meet Passengers'
                               Specific Needs.

•  ELEGANT APPEARANCE Stylish & Integrally Formed Design.

•  CUSTOMERIZED DESIGN Fit and Match the Factory Headrest Color and Material.

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