New Product Release_GPS/4G Asset Tracker

GPS/GPRS/4G Asset Tracker

In response to the huge demand of the 4G market, SANAV engineering team has developed a new type of product – the MU-201 S3 Asset Tracker to satisfy the needs of every client. The latest type of our GPS asset tracker inherited the merits of our previous model, with a compact size and user friendly interface, which suit the best for the elders, children and lone workers.

Furthermore, to upgrade our product and provide our client with a well-developed technical support, we had made several improvements :

.  Higher GPS receiver sensitivity and support for more satellite systems.

.  Faster charging speed and longer battery life

.  Support 4G-LTE Cat.1 and 3G UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA networks.
.  Use a Nano-SIM card.

 Our aim is - to make a product promise so that our customers know that they can always rely on us.


✓ Fleet Management
✓ Vehicle Security and Recovery
✓ Asset Tracking
✓ Yachting Watching
✓ Covert Tracking


  • Quad band 700/900/1800/2100MHz.
  • Internal GPS chipset with -167dBm tracking sensitivity and support AGPS, Celllocate.
  • Internal GSM/GPS antennas.
  • Low power consumption and Full power management, can be connected to external DC power or battery.
  • Built-in digital accelerometer will detect the movement of the MU201-S3.
  • SOS alarm function when panic key is pressed.
  • Improved the GPS and GSM receptions.
  • Compact and robust enclosure.