SANAV Outdoor Antenna Makes Connection Easy.

SANAV latest outdoor omni-directional antenna series provide high gain to sufficient wireless signals transmitting and receiving quality. MODEL: EHN-603W, EHN-603L/LJ support WiFi dual bands and 4G / LTE application, respectively.  The antenna has solid enclosure, which could pass IP67 ingress protection level. Bring highly reliability strength to every clients.  Antenna with N-Type Male connector integrated, which supply clients easy to install antennas. Furthermore, SANAV provide antenna bracket as optional, to let antenna can be easily mounted and fixed on wall surface.


  • WiFi Dual Bands, 4G LTE Supports.
  • Solid antenna enlcosure_IP67 Ingress Protection Level.
  • High Gain for signals transmitting/receiving continuity.
  • 360° singals receiving, no dead angle.
  • Easy installation- Direct connector mounted, Bracket mounted Optional.