WLAN Antenna

2400MHz~2500MHz 1dBi, support BT&WiFi module

WiFi Antenna

2400MHz~2500MHz 1dBi

WiFi Antenna

2400 ~ 2500 MHz &5150~5850MHz Dual-Band antenna support 802.11a.b.g.n

EVDO Antenna

843~925 / 824~875 / 1920~1980MHz 3dBi

GPS Antenna Module

The Smallest GPS Module with Additional MMCX Connector

GPS Antenna Module

Low Attenuation & Power Consumption

GPS Antenna Module

D-12J is a most compact GPS antenna module in the market

GPS Antenna Module

Smallest GPS Antenna Module

GPS Antenna Module

Provide IPEX and MMCX Connector

USA 3G/LTE Antenna

704-894/1710-2170 MHzGain: 2.5 dBi

3G Antenna

824~960 / 1710~2170MHz 0dBi

ISM Antenna

868MHz/915MHz Gain: 2 dBi