PA Series Passive GPS Antenna Module

PA Series Passive GPS Antenna Module
Model : PA-50A_PA-50B_PA-50C


Physical Condition
Dimension PA-50A: 76mm (L) x 76mm (W) x 12mm (D)
PA-50B: 52mm (L) x 42mm (W) x 10.3mm (D)
PA-50C: 38mm (L) x 29mm (W) x 10.9mm (D)
Weight PA-50A: 60 grams (w/o cable & connector)
PA-50B: 45 grams (w/o cable & connector)
PA-50C: 20 grams (w/o cable & connector)
Shielding All circuits are shielded with metal frame to avoid interference
Antenna Element
Center Frequency 1575.42 MHz +/-1.023 MHz
Polarization R.H.C.P. (Right Handed Circular Polarization).
Absolute Gain @ Zenith +5 dBi typically
Gain @ 10° Elevation: -1 dBi typically
Axial Ratio 3 dB max.
Output VSWR 1.5 max.
Output Impedance 50ohm
Cable & Connector
RF Cable: Standard RG-174 cable with a maximum length of 3 meters
Pulling Strength 6 Kg./5 sec. with molded plastics on connector end for strain relief
Connector Available BNC, TNC, FME (to be adapted), GT5, MCX (OSX), SMA, SMB or SMC in straight or right angle type
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature -40°C ~+85°C
Storage Temperature -50°C ~+90°C
Relative Humidity 95% non-condensing
Waterproof 100% waterproof
This specification is subject to change without prior notice...
PA Series is the passive GPS antenna module designed for embedded applications. In any power-critical applications, it helps to enhance the performance of your GPS receiver through its excellent signal gain of +5 dBi at 90-degree elevation and -1 dBi at 10-degree elevation without any power consumption. With its compact construction & high compatibility, it offers you with easy integration, mounting and high temperature stability as well.


  • No Power Consumption
  • Excellent Signal Amplification
  • Compact Construction
  • Excellent Temperature Stability
  • Embedded GPS Antenna for AVL, Fleet Management Systems, Car Navigation, Marine Navigation, Hand-held GPS

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