MT-4B-AC Series

Product Name:MT-4B-AC-BLW

3 Ports 5G NR/ 4G LTE/ GNSS/ WIFI Screw Mount Antenna

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Low-profile, Screw Mount Combination Antenna Solution

Unictron offers a powerful 3-in-1 maximum antenna solution for telematics applications. The antenna has 1 GNSS, 1 LTE & 1 WIFI elements. Customizable cable assemblies & connectors are available.

Technical Briefs

Function : GNSS / LTE / WIFI
Dimension : 65mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 20.35mm (H)
Mounting Type : Screw Mount
Antenna Element Count : 3 IN 1
Operating Temperature  :  -40 ~ +85 oC
IP Rating : IP67
Standard Antenna Products use SMA connectors.
If you need other type of connectors, please use our customization service .

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