WiFi Antenna

P67 WiFi antenna for any telemetry applications64.5mm(Dia.) x 19.5mm(H)
Model : WiFi-3C



 Communication Antenna




 64.5mm(D) x 19.5mm(H)


 Screw mount


 2.4G ~2.5G


 Linear Polarization

 Peak Gain

 0 dBi

 Band Width

 100 MHz for frequency of 2.4G ~ 2.5G


 < 2.0


 50 ohm

 Power Supply

 Power Handling Capacity: 10 W

 Operating Temperature

 -40°C ~+85°C

 Storage Temperature

 -50°C ~+90°C

 This specification is subject to change without prior notice...

The WiFi-3C is the WLAN antenna, which covers 2400~2500 MHz frequencies. It is specially designed for any telemetry applications, which utilize this band. The high sensitivity of WiFi-3C will enhance the performance of your telemetry devices.


  • Telemetry Application
  •  Network application 

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